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How COVID Is Destroying the Restaurant Industry
How COVID Is Destroying the Restaurant Industry

นอกจากการเรียนรู้เนื้อหาของบทความ How COVID Is Destroying the Restaurant Industry นี้แล้ว คุณสามารถอ่านบทความเพิ่มเติมด้านล่าง


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#COVID #Destroying #Restaurant #Industry.

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How COVID Is Destroying the Restaurant Industry.

restaurant industry.

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36 thoughts on “How COVID Is Destroying the Restaurant Industry | สรุปข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้องกับrestaurant industryล่าสุด

  1. MxNobody says:

    If the government raised payroll taxes just a little bit, people on disability would be able to go to restaurants and that money would go right back into the economy. But people hate the disabled and don't want to pay a little more so 10 million can participate in society. So I'm a bit numb to businesses complaining about the lack customers. They won't even make doors wide enough wheelchairs to squeeze in 🙄

  2. name says:

    This brother and sister only wanted to work 7 days a week for something they are passionate about. Pour there blood sweat and tears into it, pay high taxes and not to mention put savings and livelihood.. to live “free” be there own boss . Well sorry folks government dose not want small business around any longer

  3. Ivy Kiarie says:

    Dear Vice news. Ivy here from Kenya. I was looking for the subscribe button and noticed I was already plugged in. I THOROUGHLY enjoy your chanell and dedication of your team in creating authentically presented pieces. Much much love and appreciation

  4. EddVStheworld Highlights says:

    its not like corona was making all the restaurant workers sick so the business couldnt open, it was the overreaching mandates for "safety" that shut these places down. dont blame the virus, the virus doesnt make rules or laws.

  5. Natty Veggies says:

    I would go to this mom and pops spot I went there post covid I ordered food and saw they were microwaving my burger and sides😩 they were so short staffed that he couldn’t even cook I told him to keep the money and throw the food away

  6. Vincent A says:

    I'm glad that the restaurant I work at, a small family chain, was able to survive and be in good standing after COVID. We were lucky.

    COVID is real, for all the comments ignoring it.

  7. hajera says:

    i don’t understand… as a Canadian I can see it.
    The heart of the USA is the little business like these one. They are the one who make the spirit of this country, and the fact that your government isn’t even trying to help the soul of the economy is so hurtful and sad.
    Inchallah, i really hope new york gets better after covid and everyone who lost something or someone can find a sens of hapiness and joyfulness.

  8. Brian Jackson says:

    Covid didn’t do this destruction, the U.S. government did by forcing businesses to close and not supporting them as other governments did across the globe. Rather, the United States Congress took the occasion of a global pandemic and unprecedented economic crisis to transfer more untold wealth to the already wealthy. This doesn’t end well for the current economic paradigm that these bastards take for granted!

  9. TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter says:

    the lockdowns are the real virus and the fools who fear a virus that did less than the 1916 spanish flu that was caused by radio waves being released for first time it killed millions old and young same symptoms as covid 4g 5g chemtrail coctail


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